Three deceptively simple things: Content, Choices, and Control.

Why do they mean so much to customers, and why are they so notoriously difficult for large brands to deliver?


Customer service journeys almost always revolve around content. The customer has a question that needs an answer, or a problem that needs a solution.

Sounds easy, but only 52% of customers actually fine the information they need.

Customers react negatively to time-consuming, needle-in-the-haystack research expeditions.  They react even more negatively when they get conflicting answers to a question.

Effective content must be accessible, consumable, and consistent. While this seems self-evident, the behind-the-scenes work is formidable. Companies with widely diverse offerings must package content for delivery across many channels, and ensure consistency between them all.


Most enterprises define customer service journeys that effectively force customers down predetermined paths. Certain topics are covered in the website while others require a phone call.

Yet customers react very positively when given a choice when pursuing a service issue.

Brands must invest in integration and cross-channel collaboration in order to offer customers a choice between channels in a single end-to-end journey.


The image below depicts Magellan, an NCS solution that enables customers to navigate their own service and support journey.

Magellan upends traditional concepts of service by turning control over to the customer. Customers are empowered to make their own decisions. Their time is respected. Multiple channels deliver a seamless, satisfying experience.

While customers are in one channel, Magellan gives them availability to others, along with the ability to navigate between them. This combination of content, choices, and control translates otherwise siloed customer support channels into a seamless self-service journey.

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