Customer Experience Starts with Getting your Current House in Order

Customer experience has become a very big buzzword in the world of IT and business. Many companies right now are embarking on an experience to ensure all channels are covered in a contextual way for their customer. This includes electronic as well as personal touch points. These expansive efforts have created what might be the largest transformation of how customers work and coordinate with their vendors in the history of business.

Within this movement has come many failures in the business world. Too many focus solely on emotional or personal customer experiences at the expense of those experiences that touch the masses or those that create efficiency. When touchpoint frequency and data is ignored it frequently results in no return on investment. When this happens, executives inevitably begin to lose interest in a focused customer engagement and customer experience strategy. Executives know their organizations must have good customer experience, but they don’t see measurable results within their organizations. Therefore, efforts begin to become too general and often businesses still suffer and customer experience does not improve.

This is precisely why a number of organizations are now moving towards a more pragmatic-based customer experience strategy. This customer experience strategy is based on data-driven results that can pinpoint peak locations of customer frustration and improve them, improve revenue, and ultimately improve customer loyalty. Many of these efforts are made on the post-buy experience. Given this, it is logical there are many opportunities to build upon the four tenants of customer experience which are:

  • increase revenue,
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • decrease costs,
  • and increase innovative ways to engage the customer.

Many organizations are looking at their current structure and optimizing it before embarking on new strategies.  There are using a proven approach in organizations that is age-old: Get your operational house in order before embarking on new things. Places like call centers, digital channels for post-buy, and current channel experiences.

So, if the result you’re looking for is an opportunity to improve customer experience and your efforts are stalled, just look at the precision customer experience efforts being embarked on by multiple organizations. This focused approach may just be the flashpoint to kick start your efforts and ultimately land you at the goal of an excellent customer experience, growing revenue, and company success.